Quotes by EMIL GES

“My work is huge part of my soul. I’m not trying to prove something to someone, I’m just sharing my soul.”

“Only gamblers still believe that there is easy money somewhere in the market because signal providers keep this legend alive.”

“The easiest way is easy because it doesn’t give you anything valuable when you reach the end. But people tend to choose it again and again.”

“If you don’t see the trend, don’t try to find it – you will get lost.”

“The biggest success is to make first steps in a direction you want to spend all your life.”

“Problems actually are not problems until you can’t resolve them.”

“Dreams are your naked body you don’t want to show. Life – only clothes you can afford to wear.”

“It’s always longer way to success than to failure. Trades burn down faster than they reach profit targets.”

“Perfection is not the result but the process.”

“If you never look back you don’t see footsteps you left behind.”

“How do you measure how big is the problem? In time what it takes to resolve it or in damage what it has done to your life?”

“Please show me your dreams not your life. I want to know who you really are.”

“Eyes are only tool which shows us what we want to see. You can close them but picture will stay.”

“When it comes to trading there is no winning or losing, there is only profit or loss.”

“There is one place every investor is afraid of when buying an asset – it’s a top.”

“Even if you open two opposite orders at the same price, there is no guarantee that at least one of them will be profitable.”

“History loves to repeat – in different time, in different place, in a different way.”

“I don’t care why price goes up or down. I just take deep breath and dive into the flow before movement has stopped.”

“Good risk management gives you spare bullets if you miss the shot.”

“I love to go against the flow everywhere in my life excepting financial markets.”

“Remember, the straightest way to huge profit is hard work not increased trading volume.”

“Don’t spend time searching for Holy Grail indicator. Spend more time with clean chart – feel it, understand it and earn money.”

“There is no term ‘I know’ in trading. Even after bad trade you will say that you knew it will happen? I don’t think so.”

“If you really want to know my opinion then make sure you can take it. Otherwise – don’t ask. It will only disturb you.”

“The easiest part in trading is to buy or sell. The hardest – to stay aside.”

“Financial market is  a robot with human heart.”

“After fall, first thing you should do before climbing back to the top, is to learn how to fall correctly.”

“Financial markets are working by the principle of – two steps forward, one step back.”

“There is no buying without selling, there is no winning without losing, there is no taking without giving. You are the midpoint.”

“Market tends to move against you because you tend to move against market.”

“You can be something more and it doesn’t mean you must become better, you just need to change your opinion about yourself.”

“You can reach the stars and it isn’t so hard, but first – make sure you can endure the heat.”

“Dreams are fuel for life. If you don’t have dreams, I guess – you’re stuck in nowhere.”

“Trading isn’t exception – the offence starts on defense. First, learn how to protect your capital.”

“The reason why we use ‘stop loss’ when trading is the same why we use helmet when riding a motorcycle.”

“Two things will never be enough – money and knowledge. To successful trader these two things are at very high level.”

“Peace is place where war begins. War begins to find the peace.”

“History repeats itself, but you understand it only when it’s already past.”

“If 90% traders lose their money then maybe educational materials we learn from are the straightest way to loss.”

“Life is perfect just because it is. People tend to measure it in love, money or pains. But it can’t change the fact.”

“The best trades in my life have been made by intuition not by logical thinking.”

“Patience is greatest gift what Mother Nature can give to a trader.”

“Trading without ‘stop loss’ is like having sex with an unknown girl without condom. Risks are high. Think with your Head!”

“Too many traders spend too much time watching indicators not chart. It’s like wearing sunglasses at night. They make you blind.”

“Freedom and love are the same things to me. If I lose one of them, I actually lose both.”

“Believe me, chart and channel will tell you more than a thousand words because market doesn’t care what smart people say.”

“Blurred pictures from the past are high quality you today.”

“I can’t control the market but I can control my orders. It’s like having voting rights in democracy.”

“Bullish outlook results in bullish trade. And bullish trade results in bullish outlook. Can you see the difference?”

“If you have hit a buy button you are not a bull anymore. You are seller now, who wants to sell an asset at higher price.”

“The only person who are interested to give you advice about buying is a seller. If big ones say – buy a stock. Then sell it.”

 “I love to analyze market in the weekends. It feels like I’m in abandoned city – peace and quiet.”