Idea of this service is to provide professional, neutral and unemotional technical analysis to long-term investors and medium-term traders. Analysis will help you to understand what happens and could happen with stocks you hold in your portfolio, or, for example, you are planning to buy a fundamentally strong stock but not sure if current price is good. My analysis will help you to understand if it ‘s good time to buy or it ‘s better to wait for a dip to buy at lower price.

How it works?

From you side everything is simple. Choose which pack you want to receive, make a payment, send the list of your stocks to my e-mail address and receive analysis.

How long it will take to receive analysis?

Answer is simple, the bigger amount of stocks in pack, more time it will take. More clients, more time it will take. But goal is to provide all analysis within a week. Priority is DIAMOND clients.

Main difference between DIAMOND and other clients.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packs are one-time service. That means you make a payment and receive analysis for your stocks only one time.

With DIAMOND clients we stay in touch for longer period. DIAMOND clients can request full portfolio review every 3 months with limit up to 30 stocks. But what is the biggest difference, DIAMOND clients can send regular requests (up to 20 a month). That means, if you want to make long-term investment or buy for medium-term you can ask me to do analysis which will help you to decide if that’s right moment. Example: I’m planning to buy RELIANCE at current market price for long-term, could you, please, make an analysis so I can see is that the right moment? I receive request, do analysis and send them to you. And in the end you make decision to invest or not. In other words, idea is to give you a technical support. That’s not all. If I find some good long-term setups I will share them with you. If you like the stock, you invest. If you don’t like the stock, you ignore it. As DIAMOND client you can choose the way you want to receive analysis (e-mail, Telegram, Twitter). Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum clients will receive analysis only via e-mail. DIAMOND clients can choose also between Daily and Weekly charts, all others will receive only Daily chart analysis. DIAMOND clients will always be priority. That means – work day I will start with DIAMOND client requests first.

About me

I’m in market since 2009, and since day one my main focus has been on technical analysis. Even before I entered market I started with reading books related to technical analysis. Later a lot of practice. First 5 years I was part time trader, since 2014 I’m full time trader and technical analyst. I trade only FOREX. I’m pure technical analyst who spends 360 days a year with charts. I believe charts are the best way to buy or sell at the best price. Of course, you have to see the right picture. Why my service could be good for Indian traders? First of all, because I don’t trade Indian stocks which means I have no personal interest, and that means I share neutral and purely technical view without any emotions. In other words, I don’t care if stock goes up or down, because my money is not there. Last couple of years I follow Indian market every day and do analysis whenever I’m in front of PC. In these years I have understood that Indian market is pretty hard place to make money. It looks like very emotional market with a lot of interesting moves, traps and spikes. My neutral view can help you to make better decisions, buy at lower prices and sell in the right moment.

Price list


Bronze Silver Gold Platinum DIAMOND

Amount of stocks in pack

Max 5 Max 10 Max 20 Max 30 See info above

Textual analysis

15 EUR

1200 INR

30 EUR

2400 INR

60 EUR

4800 INR

90 EUR

7200 INR

999 EUR/year

79000 INR


666 EUR/half-year

53000 INR

Chart analysis (only NSE stocks)

22 EUR

1800 INR

44 EUR

3600 INR

88 EUR

7200 INR

133 EUR

10600 INR

To receive payment link for a particular pack click on price (EUR). It will open PayPal link in a new tab.

Send your list of stocks or questions to this e-mail address:


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