For now, GES Forex is only one person, me – EMIL GES from Latvia who for more than 3 year has provided you with analysis and other useful materials.
A little about myself. I started to trade back in 2009. My road was a rocky one, primarily due to the language barrier. I am Latvian and there just weren’t (and to this day still aren’t) any valuable books or any other information on the markets in Latvian. Everything for trading was only in English. I consider myself to be rather good at English, but I soon discovered that the language that is used in the financial world and markets is something totally different altogether. Even the simplest examples, like bulls and bears, were a problem for me in the beginning. I was forced to translate many words to understand the text, so you can imagine how long it took me to read a book and to comprehend everything.
Three years ago I decided to open a Twitter account to share my analysis with other traders. I remember the days when I was a beginner and I used to follow other people’s analysis and trades only for them to result in losses. Maybe it was because I saw something different, but I thought they must be conning me and want to take my money. I used a lot of different systems, using a lot of different indicators, believing that this new one will be the Holy Grail I’m looking for, but nothing helped. So I decided to delete everything and use only clean charts. I don’t know if it’s my sixth sense that helps me to find those levels and channels or nine years of experience, but it doesn’t matter, because many of you say thanks for a great analysis and that it helps them to become better traders, and of course, to earn some profit. Regardless of how it happens, the main thing of course is the result, as long as it’s positive. So like I said, I opened a Twitter account to share my analysis because I thought, and still think, that I can do better. My aim was to make it as simple as possible, so you can see only the main levels and channels. Today I see that the number of my followers is growing faster and faster, so my work must be useful and helpful to you. And that’s my main goal – to help You.

“The biggest success is to make first steps in a direction you want to spend all your life.”




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