REVIEW Idea of this service is to provide professional, neutral and unemotional technical analysis to long-term investors and medium-term traders. Analysis will help you to understand what happens and could happen with stocks you hold in your portfolio, or, for example, you are planning to buy a fundamentally strong stock but not sure if current... Continue Reading →



What is TIP? TIP is a professional service for traders and investors who trade or invest in Indian stocks which are listed on NSE (National Stock Exchange of India). Why I need TIP? TIP will make your trading day much easier, your sleep much better and your knowledge about technical analysis much deeper. You will... Continue Reading →


For now, GES Forex is only one person, me – EMIL GES from Latvia who for more than 3 year has provided you with analysis and other useful materials. A little about myself. I started to trade back in 2009. My road was a rocky one, primarily due to the language barrier. I am Latvian... Continue Reading →

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