Treasures of INDIA plan



Special offer for new members!!!

Welcome to Treasures of INDIA plan!

√ 7-day Trial Period for only 1 EUR.

√ 25 EUR fee for 1st month*.

√ 25 EUR fee also for 2nd month*.

* standard fee for 1 month is 36 EUR.

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Professional technical analysis: You will work with professional who is in market for more than 10 years. Since day one focus has been on technical analysis – channels, patterns, candlesticks.

Be ahead others: see trend reversals before they occur, thus enter trade at best price and with lowest risk.

√ Discipline is key to success: follow strict rules – enter trades only inside given zones, keep strict stop loss and book profit when receive signal.

Avoid emotional decisions: if you follow rules and listen to comments I provide you will avoid emotional decisions -we cut losers fast and allow winners to work as long as technical analysis support that.

Fully unemotional and neutral service: this is the biggest advantage you can receive being with TIP. Amount of services who can provide this is very limited I believe. The thing is – I do not trade Indian stocks or F&O, thus I do not have personal interest in any of stocks. We trade charts not emotions!



F&O: biggest focus is on positional futures and options trading based on Daily charts with risk reward ratio greater than 4:1. We hold trades open at least 1 week, but more often 1-2 months. You receive cash chart and once stock is inside given zone you execute trade as F&O. Trading volume is up to you.

Cash buys: smallest part of all trades are cash buys. Minimal target for all cash buys is 30% and holding period normally is 6 months and longer.

Telegram channel: all trades, charts, comments, excel spreadsheets are shared on private Telegram channel. You receive invitation link in your e-mail after payment is done.



These are standard subscription fees after special “Welcome to Treasures of INDIA plan” offer.

36 EUR/month. Around 2800 INR for 1 month.
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Make payment for 3 months and save 8%.

99 EUR (33 EUR/month). Around 8000 INR for 3 months.
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Make payment for 6 months and save 17%.

180 EUR (30 EUR/month) Around 14000 INR for 6 months.
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Make payment for 12 months and save 25%.

324 EUR (27 EUR/month). Around 25000 INR for 12 months.
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Note: Make sure your debit/credit card support international payments!




Only you are responsible for all trades you take in your trading account!

Note: it’s not possible to cancel active subscription after payment is done. Example – you made payment for 3 months and after 1st month decide to leave TIP and want your money back for 2 unused months. It’s not possible. Make decision before subscribe!



If you have any questions, please, use this contact form to contact with me.